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Friday Adventures


Friday Adventures

I had a whole day to myself last Friday and decided to take some time out in the afternoon to travel downtown and take some pictures. It was a pretty cold day and I was really trying to get back into going out and seeing what I could capture in the day. I hate the winters so I do my best normally to stay indoor as best as I can. However now that I have my own camera now for the last 5 months, I feel obligated that take some time and document moment in a  space that I can get to. Throughout my little trip I saw some great things and met some interesting people. One of my missions for the day was to get more comfortable taking pictures of people. Most times when I try to get a picture of people, I tried to do it candid, where people don’t notice that I took a picture of them and able to capture their natural emotions and body language. As much as I like to do that, I also need to do it when they do know that I am capturing them. That was part of my challenge on this journey. I also have posted a few pictures of two of my friends OJ and Curtis. My friend OJ works at the radio station G98.7, so Curtis and I  decided to visit him., chill out and talk as I was editing some of these pictures. Before we left the radio station, I decided to take a few pictures of them.  Take a look on my fun Friday! Hopefully you really like my day and night picture of Nathan Philip Square!








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