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My Quick Trip to New York

My Quick Trip to New York

A couple weeks ago I got a chance to spend several days in one my favourite places to visit, New York City. I love this city a lot because a tons of things that I am interest and attracted to in my life is part of this metropolis. An urban environment mix with different cultures, the birthplace of hip-hop, the mecca of cksketball. Tons of films are being made all over the city, the people are great (at least to me) to talk to and there are many things you can do in whatever borough. I feel like I know how to move around the city as if I was moving around in Toronto. If I ever had to move down to New York City, I don’t think I would have any real trouble getting accustomed living.

I have made several trips to New York in the past to see family or accompany my father. This trip however was benefiting me as I was working on a video project for an lotto app. I only got to spend 5 days in the city as I had to get back to Toronto to work on another project and get back for my sister’s birthday. But when I did get some free time to see the city, I took advantage of the photos I wanted to take. The times I used to be in New York, I never had a camera and never got the chance to take photos I wanted on an actual camera. But on this trip I finally got the chance and got some really good shots. Take a look!

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newyork__flavorlab-7129 newyork__flavorlab-7030 newyork__flavorlab-7107 newyork__flavorlab-6813

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