The Flavorlab | Summer 2017
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Summer 2017


Summer 2017

Since my last post I haven’t feel really motivated to go out and take some pictures or found any new projects or videos to work on. I have been feel static in the creative side of my life wondering what I really want to do next. I have the tools to be successful and starting to read a lot of more than I used to when I was young. However I continue to struggle as to where and how I want to apply to. It has often put me in a very sadden state that has caused to be hide from the world. It feels like most of the summer I had a hard time discovering inspirations and having a lack of networks to go. But while I was in this opposing energy, I was able to find something that caught my eyes and give some sense of hope and faith. I was able to capture something that suddenly change my negative perspective of life into a positive one. I regret and wish I was able to capture other things in my life this summer that felt great like playing in a men’s league with my friends (although I myself ain’t that great) and my vision and time playing Caribana parade with my old childhood friend. But the photos I did capture when i chose to pickup my camera how shown my growth as a photographer and has made a better creator than when I first got my camera a year ago. I hope to improve on the skills and eye that I have obtain to than apply to a interesting question I would like to solve for the world. Until enjoy these pictures! Also check my Instagram account @Granvillephotos.













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