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Thoughts Through U of T


Thoughts Through U of T

It’s been almost three years now that I graduated from University. That period in my life was an very fascinating time for me. I got the chance to get out of Pickering where I did all my schooling for ten years and spend time in the West end of Toronto to study. I was in a new environment, made new friends, worked and stress really hard to get assignments done in the last minute, and was studying what I really wanted to do…sort of. I kinda found a new identity for the four years I was at York University. I was little bit more confident than I was in high school whether it was playing Basketball at the school gym with friends,  or completing an essay even when I was improvising. I can be a quiet guy at times and was looking to communicate a lot better, especially when it came to talking to girls I liked in school (Even though I wasn’t that successful). I spent hours at times either chilling or studying in the Library, looking for books I didn’t wanna buy at the bookstore, finishing projects till I couldn’t take the assignment anymore, or watching YouTube videos till my next class. I knew enough people around the school and would always have a great time with them, either fooling around in class, getting something to eat on campus, arguing  in the student centre or even supporting something they were doing in the school in some way. That was all the memories I had while strolling through the University of Toronto last week, watching student walk around their campus as they are in the midst of their Winter Semester. I never gone to University of Toronto, but I always loved  to walk around all the building and was able to capture a couple shots while I was thinking about these great memories. Life for me since I graduated hasn’t been as structured and have learned that I am on my own now to create my path and destiny in this world. There a lot of things about University I will miss and will always cherish.  But one thing I know I will never miss about University or school in general are all the essays, assignments and exams I had to do in such a condensed time for those 4 years. That can stay in the past 🙂 .


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