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The Christening

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The Christening

Check out some of the photos I had taken for my baby cousin DaRyus Christening that happen earlier this week. I had taken a lot of photos for my aunt and uncle that wanted me to capture this special moment, however these were some of the best photos I felt I could share of  this moment. I wasn’t entirely focus in getting the best shots possible throughout the day and only took pictures when I really saw fit. Also the lighting and where I was located during my baby cousin Christening wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and ton of my shots were really grainy.  Nevertheless my family in some ways could care less about how good or bad all the photos were, but rather care for the memory. As a result those photograph are for them. However these were the ones I wanted to share of the world. I hope you like them.


P.S These are all my baby cousins!
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