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New York 2017

NewYork (1 of 1)-7

New York 2017

I’m back in New York!

I mean it only took 9 months, but I’m back!

After just finishing up a video editing gig, I decided to tag along with my Dad and take a drive out to New York City. The main reason was to go pickup my sister Jasmin Stephen, who had been living out there for several months as she was working toward her makeup career. She had been volunteering as well as doing some side jobs, while living out at my aunts in Brooklyn. She even got the chance to work as the assistant to Rihanna’s makeup artist as part of the Fenty Launch in Manhattan. However it was time for her to come back home and I missed her very much. The other reason I had to come to New York was to record and edit a campaign video for Innovate Inclusion,  a non profit that advises for the entrepreneurial success of unrepresentative communities. I had the opportunity to interview Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of New York Cities Small Business Services and how his office is finding innovative ways to help businesses in these certain communities succeed and flourish as well as how these same practices can influence and be achieve in Toronto. I also had the opportunity to get a lot of great B-roll footage that is reflected in the photograph that I had taken. For me photography is a great exercise to hone my skills in video. I believe in helps in the aspects of lighting, cinematography as well as colour and composition. Hopefully you like the pictures I had taken during my stay in New York!

NewYork (1 of 1)

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